Cat Coquillette

Based in Kansas City, Cat Coquillette (pronounced Koh-kuh-let) is an illustrator, designer and lettering artist. Cat gained a double-major in Graphic Design and Illustration at The University of Kansas and also studied infographics, photography and type in Germany.  She loves to use watercolour, ink and gouache to create bright pops of colour and hand-lettering, and incorporates a broad range of motifs into her work but has an affinity for painting animals, foliage and intricate patterns. Cat loves to travel and what better way to get creatively recharged than by travelling around the world with her camera, capturing motifs that she incorporates into her artwork. Some of her most recent pieces are inspired by trips to Peru, Vietnam, Hawaii and the American Southwest. Although Cat lives as a digital nomad, hopping from city to city, she will always call Kansas City home