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Pre-Framed Prints use of cookies
What cookies are…
Almost all websites use cookies in some way or another and they are incredibly useful, allowing websites to work in the way we have all come to expect, with personalisation and rich interactive functionality. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer, phone or tablet and enable a website to “remember” information about your browsing or shopping visits.

Why we use them…
Some cookies allow the basic functions of our website to perform, for example by setting the language and storing items in the shopping cart whilst you browse the site and complete your order. Others allow it to “remember” your preferences, registration details or cart contents for a future visits.

Why we allow other sites to place cookies…
Cookies are used to provide helpful tracking information such as the number of visitors to our site, what device and browser they are using, how they reached us (e.g. via a search engine, via an ad, via social media etc), the pages that have been visited, the average time spend on the website and so on. We monitor this information through Google Analytics. It is all anonymous so we know someone visited our site but not who.

Like many retailers, by tracking your browsing and actions on our website, cookies can also help us with marketing, for example, they would allow for you to be shown relevant adverts such as products you have shown an interest in or related items (known as behavioural marketing or re-targeting). We use Google and Facebook (including Instagram) for advertising and although currently do not cookie placement for re-targeting marketing we may do so in the future.

Don’t want cookies?
If you wish to disable cookies you can do so by changing the settings of your internet browser, but this will affect the functions and usability of our website and your experience of it.

Want more information about cookies?

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